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End of work is nigh!

It’s my last week with BP and I can’t believe how quickly a year has gone by. I am going to miss Sunbury. Well, not the campus but certainly the people. Especially the lovely people in the P&T Team! They have been so nice and supportive throughout my notice period, giving me lots of advice, encouragement and nuggets of information such as how seasick I am likely to feel; how November is the stormiest month on the Bay of Biscay; and my personal favourite – how the Somalian pirates have begun to venture around to the west coast of Africa where my barge (yes that’s how they affectionately call my freighter!) will be stopping in Morocco and Sierra Leone. I will miss the team! For a couple of weeks.

Joking aside, it’s been a great experience working at BP and I have made lots of friends here who I hope will continue to stay in touch. A couple of people are even threatening to visit me in Argentina (Rachel, please do!). With the oil being drilled in the Falklands Islands, if BP gets involved, I might get an opportunity to stay both with BP and in Argentina for longer! 😉  This wouldn’t really sit well with my opinion on the Falklands though. I am going to come out and say it right here, right now. I just wish the British would give the Falklands back to Argentina!

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