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Arrived in Buenos Aires!

15 December 2010

Sitting Room


Lunch on the balcony!

Got in a taxi at Zarate port and reached our apartment within the next hour and a half. Because Palermo is a grid system like New York – with names of S American countries for streets running north to south – it’s easy to find where you need to go to by checking which crossroads you need to get to. Having spent the last two days walking around Palermo, I am convinced we are in the best bit of it. Not too much traffic, Subte (metro) around the corner, dozens of bars and restaurants on the doorstep and a mini supermarket across the road. What else can a girl need?


Dining area

Little kitchen

Palermo, BA

Apartment is very nice in a lovely street in Palermo Hollywood on Soler y Arevalo. The apartment has a balcony from where I spy all the activity ont he street below, such as dog-walkers, young couples walking down the street hand in hand whilst singing to themselves, the supermarket owner arranging the fruit and vegetables on the outside stalls etc etc.

Just around the corner is a great cafe who do a lovely English tea and great tostadas. And they have a super fast wi-fi!
Also managed to cook a lunch of pasta to eat on the balcony on the first day on BA!
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