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Christmas Eve – shops and malls in BA!

Tea at Petit Colon, Plaza Lavalle

Not having been downtown yet, it seemd like a good idea for us to pay the microcentro a visit. As it’s Christmas eve and we don’t have any other plans, it was a nice way to while away the morning and afternoon. Towards the end, it got too hot and I decided to finish the trip at the Palermo Alto shopping mall in Bulnes!

What better way to start the morning than to have a tea and coffee with some medialunas (literally means half moon and are little Argentine croissants very popular at breakfast) and tostadas (usually ham or cheese but if you ask they will also make other varieties, I had cheese, tomato and onion!)! Took Line D on the Subte (what the metro is called in BA) from Carranza to Tribunales, about 6 stops. Tribunales is in the microcentro and the station exits onto Lavalle Square with the Teatro Colon on it. Right next door is the beautiful Petit Colon – a gorgeous bohemian cafe which opened decades ago and has that old opulent quality about it. As it was still early and Christmas Eve, lots of people were about last minute shopping but too busy to take a breakfast so we had the place pretty much to ourselves!

Pedestrianised Calle Florida

Cuddly toys iin Calle Lavalle

After breakfast, crossing 9 de Julio we entered the pedestrianised section of Calle Lavalle which is one of two pedestrianised streets with 100s of shops and stalls. Where Calle Lavalle meets Calle Florida, there is an intersection of pedestrianised streets with hudreds of people milling aorund and buying nick-nacks. Everything from cuddly toys to bombillas (what Argentines drink mate in).

As the heat got more intense, people walked on the shaded side of the streets which meant that there was a massive crowd on half side of the street trying to muscle past each other with the other (sunny) side of the street empty!

It was time to leave the mocrocentro for a spot of lunch somewhere with air-conditioning! So decided to try

Alto Palermo Shopping Centre in Bulnes

the supercool Alto Palermo shopping centre back towards home. Also Palermo is hip and trendy for the

Palermo crew with money so it has a number of brand shops. The top floor has a number of sports shops and a food hall. The food hall has everything from a parilla, chinese, sushi, pasta to McDonalds. Portenos were here in their masses to do last minute shopping and to take their kids out for Christmas eve lunch at their favourite shopping centre.

By far the biggest queue was at McDonald’s (almost seemed like it was hip to eat McDonald’s – very surreal!), which happily meant it didn’t take very long to get served at the other food places. All the food places at Alto Palermo are ‘fast food’ but even though there wasn’t a queue at my stall, the food was still freshly prepared which meant a wait of 15 minutes. Portenos, here as everywhere else, seem totally happy and relaxed when queueing!Poster in Alto Palermo Shopping Centre – Merry Christmas

Poster in Alto Palermo Shopping Centre - Merry Christmas

  1. Easterine
    December 25, 2010 at 09:44

    Enjoying your blog. Keep them coming

    • December 25, 2010 at 10:40

      Hey Easterine – nice to hear from you! Hope the snow is good for business and that you are enjoying today! Merry Christmas to you and Tony – hope you have a lovely and relaxed one! x

      • Easterine
        December 25, 2010 at 17:55

        Hi Shelley
        The snow was attrocious. It was so deep we didn’t work!!!!! But the rest was good for us.

        Today we closed up at 1:30 and went to my Brother’s for Xmas Lunch. was brilliant. Now the snow has practically disappeared we are back to working as normal.

        I can see you are having a fabulous time. Love to Craig.

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