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Christmas Day in BA

Watching 'The Life of Brian' on Christmas Day

Not knowing many people at all, it was a very quiet day. As the Internet went down on Christmas Eve, for a little while I felt sad that I wouldn’t be able to see people (on Skype etc) on Christmas Day. But when I woke up on Christmas morning, I had the best present ever – internet was working! Obviously I had one other, the best present!

Buenos Aires, like many cities around the world is dead on Christmas Day. As it was also the warmest day of the year – no one was about. But it was nice to see Palermo so quiet – though I have to admit I didn’t leave the house. Air-conditioning beckoned every time I considered going for a walk!

So instead, I cooked a curry, slipped into something comfortable, and after talking to friends and family, got comfortable on the couch in front of the laptop with a bottle of bubbly. Watching Tommy Cooper was fun but I didn’t get some of the jokes! It was much more fun to watch The Life of Brian, a movie we have watched each Christmas Day for the past decade!

After a second helping of curry and polishing off the third bottle of wine, I fell into bed and slept for the longest time! It wasn’t until I heard Jonathan’s voice that I awoke with a start as I had been dreaming about him cooking a beef stew! Vey surreal indeed. Oh, I should explain the reason I heard Jon’s voice! He was on skype calling and chatting with Mr W!

So on to Boxing Day and it’s adventures……

  1. December 27, 2010 at 19:24

    A great christmas movie – one thats only just now been allowed to be shown in Torquay!

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