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Vamos a aprender!

This week saw us start Spanish school in Palermo – five weeks of Mon-Fri half days with homework! If it wasn’t for the fact that Craig started mooing at waitresses in a local parilla (see the entry for 6 January 2010 on the Rioplatense page), I may have thought we don’t need to learn the language.

The first few days have been intense to say the least memorising dozens of variants of personal pronouns and verb conjugations. Yesterday, a number of us in the class felt we were lagging behind and that perhaps the teacher was going too fast. Today, after presenting our homework, roleplays in the class and games with weird dice, everyone felt they had got past that sinking feeling.

Tomorrow is the last day of the week and for three of our class of six. The Dutch couple and the Norwegian lady are absorbing as much as their brain would allow them so they can practice their newfound tongue on their onward journeys. The rest of us three still have another four weeks to go! I wonder who will join us next week??

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