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Horse racing

A couple of days ago, a friend from the Spanish school celebrated his birthday and invited a few people to the premier horse race track in Argentina – Hipodromo Argentino de Palermo. We didn’t know what to expect so headed out early that evening.

The racetrack is a mile away from where we live and not at all far from the centre of Buenos Aires – this is unexpected because the place is obviously large (around 2 kilometres around the track) and Palermo where it’s based, the most expensive neighbourhood.

When we got there there were eight or so races due and later I realised this is the case each day. Not having much experience (other than the one time at Newbury races where I had to wear a hat and won the only bet I put on) we started with small money. All in all between Craig and I we put on 5 bets and won three of these. You will be forgiven for thinking that we were the luckiest people at the racetrack because our friends Thomas and Camilla put on about six bets and won four!

The horses raced for between 1000 and 1400 meters and each race contained of between seven and nine horses. We never bet a lot of money (wish we had though as it would go towards paying off the underpaid tax I have just received from HMRC!).

It was great fun but couldn’t last all evening because there was one thing you couldn’t get at the racetrack and that is any alcohol! I guess gambling and alcohol together are a recipe for disaster o it’s possible that it was banned.

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