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A Secret Parilla

A couple of our American friends had pointed out a shuttered shop between Palermo Hollywood and Las Canitas and said it was actually a parrilla worth trying. It took us til this week to try it out.

From the outside, it looks like like a closed down shop. The doors are mirrored so all you see is a reflection of the outside. Even in the evening, you cannot see any light escaping the place as heavy curtains hang at all windows. We walked in and saw that all tables were booked. The owner showed us to a small table under a wine fridge which was being used as a side table for cutlery etc but he was happy to clear this for us. This was 8.30pm on a Monday night so the people who reserved were yet to arrive. By 9.15 the restaurant was full. Portenos always arrive at restaurants at 9pm!

The first thing I noticed was the fish menu.  This is highly unusual in Buenos Aires, let lone in a parilla. A few old photos told me that the owner used to own beachfront  fish restaurants. This was very exciting news and I ordered the langoustines al ajillo. I got about two dozen with a beautiful pepper sauce. The table next door ordered a special which had escaped my notice as was stuck on a small chalkboard up above my head – Pescado Frito. A large tray with different fish and seafood fried in what looked like a very light batter. The diners at this table devoured it within 5 minutes.

The fish menu also included pulpo ala gallega, calamari, salmon, fish soup etc. Next time I want to order all of these! Prices are good and with a promotion of buying one bottle of Malbec for Ar$50 and getting a bottle of champan free, we can afford to go again and again!

  1. Topher D
    February 27, 2011 at 18:47

    Shellley, what was the name of this parilla. Sounds interesting.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 23:05

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