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Konex – La Bomba de Tiempo

After nearly three months living in Buenos Aires city, last week has seen us saying goodbye to one friend or another and today there are just a handful left. Mostly, people are heading to other destinations or heading home after a few weeks’ travelling schedule.

Last night, our Norwegian friends (Camilla & Thomas) who are leaving to go to Mendoza proposed a farewell night  out at Konex – a cultural centre in the Abasto area.

Someone created headwear with the plastic cups!

Every Monday night this former factory opens it’s doors to an ensemble of around 20 percussionists who beat their drums for two hours and entertain 2,000 odd revellers paying Ar$30 to get in. The space is open air, quite large with a massive stage at one end, a huge sculpture of an ant hanging mid-air and a sign announcing ‘The End’. The space reminded me of places I have visited in east side of Berlin.

At one side and the back are bar areas selling beer, wine, vodka or the porteño favourite Fernet Cola. You can’t take drinks out onto the patio so either you watch the drummers and dance like crazy or you stand at the bar area and chup (the slang Argentine verb to drink alcohol meaning to suck!) up! We did the latter of course and listened to the drummers from the bar and watched them on a specially set up projector screen.

The impromptu crowd dancing in the streets

The experience is quite different and you will enjoy it if you like head-banging to drum music. Later, as we left, a crowd had gathered around an impromptu performance from a couple of the drummers. The crowd spilled out onto the street causing a traffic jam, but both the dancing crowd and the car drivers were in no hurry and enjoyed this little performance.

A dinner at a Peruvian restaurant ended the evening perfectly and I was once again reminded of my pact a few weeks ago when visiting Chan Chan to eat more Peruvian food.

  1. March 3, 2011 at 15:51

    some great phots there babes.

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