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Lima and Ceviche

Canto Rana in Lima

After the fantastic food at Pescado Capitales in Lima a few weeks ago and Limo in Cusco, I didn’t think I was going to find better fish and seafood in Peru. But I did at two local Baranco (a neighbourhood in Lima) restaurants.

Arrived in Lima yesterday and went for a late lunch at Canto Rana (Singing Frog!) which is a quirky little local place in the barrio of Barranco, owned by a football fanatic who screams and jumps up and down when a goal is scored on the TV in the corner of the room. The place is plastered with football photos, shirts, articles, scarves, and anything related to the game. But it is a charming little place full of locals. As we went with friends, we shared a few platters of food.

Eating the Arroz con Mariscos

First up was a Sea Urchin Ceviche which had more onion than I had had in a ceviche dish before but as sea urchins are quite a strong flavour, the chef must have prepared it to balance the flavours. I picked out the fleshy bright orange pieces of the sea urchin and ate them with only a little onion and it was very tasty.

Next we had the Chicharron Misto – mixed seafood fried in light batter. There was octopus, shrimp, calamari, mussels, clams etc. This was served with wedges of lime and the fiery hot local salsa which really lifted the flavour.

The next dish was a Mariscos Piccante cooked in the local speciality picante sauce which is at the same time tomatoey, creamy and hot. Everything was tasty and I managed to have an entire bottle of wine by myself whilst the others opted for the local beer.

Today we said goodbye to our friends who are travelling north to Trujillo and seriously considered going back to the Canto Rana but decided to ask the owner of the hotel about other recommendations and he advised on El Muellewhich is only a block away from Canto Rana. We arrived to a mildly busy

The Clam Ceviche at El Muelle

restaurant but when we left there was a queue of people waiting to be seated.

We ordered a Ceviche of Clams first which arrived beautifully marinated in lime, onion and served on their own shells. Next up we had a Ceviche of Calamari which had coriander as an additional marinade and was perfectly tangy and really reminded me of the sea.

The kitchen at El Muelle

Ceviche is very tasty but as a cold dish is not really enough to fill up a hungry belly. So we decided on a Arroz con Paella to share which is really just a Peruvian paella. The rice was fluffy unlike in a traditional paella and was obviously cooked in a homemade fish stock and loaded up with fish and seafood. This was topped with the ubiquitous wedges of lime and covered with local seaweed. This dish was exceptional and though full by the time we had only tucked into half of it (they serve large plates everywhere in S America!) we managed to polish of every last bit of the plate.

Tomorrow I am gong to try kid goat and beef hearts both of which are local specialities!

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