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Living it up in Hoi An

Our resort in Hoi An

To cap off the two week holiday the Dr. and soon to be Mrs. Scott spent five nights at the five star Hoi An Beach Resort hotel on Cua Dai beach and we decided to take a ‘holiday’ and join them there. The resort is nestled between the Thu Bon river and the sea with two large curving swimming pools so that you can lie back on your sun lounger and be able to see both the river and the sea on either side with the swimming pool in front of you. I haven’t spent much time at a resort before but this was very pleasant. The room was very large and overlooked the river so you can spend the dusk watching fishermen float by whilst sipping from a beer bottle.

Tailor made

The town of Hoi An, an ancient regional capital and a thriving market community is a buzzing place with the ubiquitous badge of UNESCO ‘World Heritage site’. It’s where many tourists come to do one particular kind of shopping. The gentleman gets a tailor made suit for and the lady an own designed leather handbag or a pair of heels. The place is swarming with tailors, clothes and shoe shops. Aside from that and on the banks of the above mentioned river is a huge marketplace, more for locals, where people come from far away villages to do their food shopping. There are hundreds of little stalls selling fruit, vegetables, flowers, fish, meat, dried goods (sun dried prawns, fish etc), spices, sauces and anything else you might need for cooking. Every stall covers it’s space to protect their wares and customers from sun or rain so the entire market looks covered by a multicoloured canopy.

Craig snapping the happy couple near the Japanese Bridge

Bananas at the market!

Nearby is a short covered Japanese bridge which the city is famous for and at night the bridge as

well as the surrounding area are covered in chinese lanterns throwing a warm reddish glow on everything. On the river, floats with large papier mache lit sculptures of dragons float by. Ladies sell small paper lanterns with little candles inside to make a wish and let go on the shore of the river. The whole ambience is quite exotic and very pleasing to the eye!

We went into Hoi An a couple of different evenings and met up with Lisa and Jamie who were getting some tailor made shopping done. BEside the market on the banks of the river are three or four stalls selling fresh sugar cane juice by the day and VIetnamese beer in the evening. These Bia Hois are to be found all over in VIetnam and are little more than a small vendor set up on the side of the road with half a dozen small plastic tables surrounded by scores of tiny plastic stools or chairs on which the punters sit and enjoy a quick beer and a chat or just watch the world go by.

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