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Seafood and eat it at Cua Dai beach!

My crab before the pot

Food has been fabulous in Vietnam – they really know how to put together different flavours whilst still allowing the individual notes of the ingredients to shine through. The food everywhere we have been – Hanoi, Halong Bay and Hue has been great so we expected the same from Hoi An. The town is a few kilometres from our resort which is by the sea so each day at least at one meal time we have walked down the beach perusing the live menus of the dozen or so shacks set up there.

I say live menus because they are – all local seafood and fish are in tanks to be seen and chosen before being freshly cooked to eat on the beach. Luckily all four of us are massive seafood fans and didn’t take long for us to have tried pretty much everything on offer.

Fresh Mackerel

Jamie & Lisa with crabs!

The clams on Cua Dai beach are the best I have ever tasted – and I love clams. They are seriously juicy and sweet. Sucking on these little babies with the local condiment of sea salt and chilli mixed with lime juice feels like tasting the essence of the sea.

The other popular seafood in tanks all around is the crab. There are all sizes, shapes and even river crab on the menu. The only one we didn’t see was the horseshoe crab (looks like it’s wearing an army green helmet) which was everywhere up in Halong Bay.

I adore crab so ate it everyday. Sometimes we’d get a few of the small ones and suck and spit through the platter and

Tiny cockles size of an ant - yum!

other times get one each or to share between two. As a crab only has two claws where the best bit of the meat is, sharing crabs is not that much fun!

Whilst at the beach, we also tried these minute cockles which are the size of a chick pea and you tweeze out the cockle by putting a toothpick in and gently pulling it out. There is a knack to it and until you get that you won’t be getting much protein as each cockle is smaller than a grain of rice.

We also ate kilos of shrimps and squid. The weekend was a big holiday in Vietnam and lots of locals came to the beach and it turned into a massive diner party with dozens of small stalls set up to serve seafood on rattan mats on the beach. We ran and told Jamie and Lisa who were lying by the swimming pool and they came to join us. We had small crabs, clams, baby squid – all grilled and served with the salt, chilli and lime.

  1. toogreytogrind
    May 9, 2011 at 14:15

    Tell me you didn´t eat the puppy?!

  2. May 9, 2011 at 18:21

    Yum, yum he looked just ripe and it’s the local delicacy! No – of course we didn’t eat the puppy!

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