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First day on an island beach

Today we arrived at our first island in Thailand – Ko Lanta is actually quite long – 30 kilometres – has fantastic beaches and no jet skis.It’s also quieter than the other smaller islands where tourists gather to have full moon parties. Thank goodness!

After a little bit of an embarrassing moment arriving at our hotel and finding that I had actually booked it for August by mistake (but turned out ok as it was a little remote and we preferred to go further into the island), we made our way further south and booked ourselves into a small hotel with just 5 bungalows on stilts on the Ao Phra Ae beach. The place is rather new, run by a Thai family who used to live in London, and really rather luxurious inside!

We ate at the beach front restaurant leased by the hotel to a lovely guy – Mussaman curry and prawns in Thai sauce washed down with a rum and coke! It poured straight after – this is monsoon season which is partly why everything is so much quieter here. But what tourists don’t seem to realise is that it only rains for about an hour and afterwards you won’t even guess it had rained as the sun dries it off within minutes.

We hired a bike and headed towards Ko Lanta’s town and before long it started to rain again and were later told this was highly unusual and tomorrow will be back to normal – let’s see! So to get out of the rain, we took a right into a little turning advertising Thai boxing matches. The place was deserted except for a woman with a small baby – a strange sight at a boxing ring! We hung out there, took some photos and were disappointed to hear that the fights won’t resume until December!

As soon as it stopped raining, we got back on the bike and saw a bar which had a chalkboard outside advertising itself: “Warm beer, crap food, lousy service, rude staff”. So of course  we went in and had some food and drink. It was all lovely and we chatted to the owner who was fixing his bike and intermittently revving the engine to wake up the puppy that was asleep on the bar.

Before we had left our hotel, the manager said his Mum was cooking some food and we could join them for dinner if we would like. He had also invited another couple staying at the hotel. We ate a starter of spring rolls, mains of prawn red curry and pork with vegetables. They brought out freshly sliced mangoes with a sticky rice pudding for afters and we were stuffed. A great end to an interesting day!

  1. Robb
    July 12, 2012 at 19:02

    What was the name of the place that you stayed. Was it affordable? Would you stay there again?


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