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Krabi Town next!

Ko Lanta is long and thin with loads of beaches on the west coast for beautiful sunsets and mangroves on the east coast for excellent fishing. The middle of the island is mountainous tree covered jungle terrain and the entire place is rather pretty. But t is dead. What did we expect turning up in June?

So after having seen the entire island in two days on the back of a scooter, and spent only £2 on petrol, we get the heck out of the island to find some life.

This morning we woke up, got on the scooter and rode south until we hit the sea, then rode east until we hit the sea, then hit north til we hit the sea…. you get the drift. The east side doesn’t have as nice beaches but has the oldest inhabited town of the 53 or so islands that make up Krabi.

Lanta Old Town is partly inhabited by what they call the Sea Gypsies who are adept at fishing and living on the sea. In fact all of their buildings are built on stilts on the sea even though the island has enough flat space around it to support their architecture. This is especially surprising when I found out that the area is prone to earthquakes and Tsunamis. I guess being Sea Gypsies they like to live
life on the (water’s) edge!

We had lunch at a lovely place called the Fresh Restaurant which served us the tastiest Red Beef curry and a Pork Pad Thai we have had yet. Pork was surprising because a very large majority of the island’s as well as south of Thailand’s residents are Muslim, however I expect tourism has changed what is available and what is not.

The manager of our hotel this morning asked if we wanted his mum to cook anything else and guess what we came up with? Crab. So they went looking for crabs all over the island and in the next few minutes we shall find out if we dine on the crustacean tonight. I hope so!

Tomorrow we are heading out of the island and into the capital of Krabi – Krabi Town. I sincerely hope that it turns out to be true to it’s name – with crabs! Edible ones of course!

  1. norm
    June 11, 2011 at 02:39

    shelly what camera do you use the photos are brilliant

    • June 11, 2011 at 02:47

      Hi Norm, it’s a Lumix LX3 with a Leica lens. Though not an SLR (will be purchasing one soon), it performs wonderfully and coupled with the Apple iphoto system works quite well. Thanks for the compliment!

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