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Krabi Markets

Fruit & Veg Market

Krabi Town is really just a hub from where to base yourself to get to lots of beaches and islands as it has an international airport and buses from all over stop here. Other than that, it’s just a normal town which in this season is dead as a dodo. So imagine our luck when we found that we had arrived to spend our only night in Krabi Town on a Sunday night when there is a night market. We had been starved of the city life in Ko Lanta (as beautiful as that was) and were looking forward to the market.

Night MarketWe were sorely disappointed at first to find the market only sold vegetables, fruits and the odd stall of flowers. But soon realised that we were at the wrong market! So happily we took some photos of the fruit and veg and were off on our way to “The’ Night Market.

This was in a square closed at three sides and had maybe a hundred stalls, mostly selling clothes and accessories at one end and food at the other. There was dried fish on grill, fried chciken, noodles in soup, barbecued shrimp, local colourful lollies, fruit shakes and more. We walked around and found a more permanent stall at one edge of the market where we saw a guy grilling fresh fish. We stopped and ordered some clams and fish which we chose and was barbecued for us. We ordered some pork and chilli on rice to go with the rest and had a feast along

Our dinner

with some local whiskey on the rocks!

Next morning, we were to leave Krabi Town for the beach and woke up early to find that there was a thriving local market opened at 5am right behind our hotel. We packed up and went out before breakfast. Glad we did as past all the fresh produce, meat and fish we found locals eating noodles and soup for breakfast towards the end of the market. We walked past several stalls and chose one with a few ladies savouring their meal.

Breakfast at Maharat Market

We took plastic stools and pointed at what the ladies’ were eating and one lady translated for the stall-holder to ask whether we want spicy or not spicy, that was the only option. We went for spicy. We got a bowl of thin rice noodles with yellow curry on it with a large bowl with compartments with several herbs, baby aubergines, pickles, watermelon seeds, bean sprouts, holy basil etc. Basically you add as much or as little of whatever you fancied to your bowl of noodles – a little like Pho in Vietnam but without the broth – and tuck in. But it was spicy, but very very delicious……

….and filling, as it kept us going til we got to Ao Anang, found our hotel, checked in, hired a scooter, went for a ride around and stopped for a late lunch – at a curry house!

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