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Full Moon Rave in Ko Phangan

The fact that I am writing this post proves that we went. And survived!

A couple of days ago when we were heading to this island off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, we were barely aware that there was a party going on. Then yesterday on the ferry over, everyone was talking about it and touts were selling accommodation at rocket-high prices. It registered then that this was THE full moon rave!

So after a quick vote on facebook we decided to head over with the Frenchman Mathieu who shared the day long journey on a longtail boat, a taxi, a bus, a ferry and finally a songthaew which took us just 100 kms away from Krabi to Ko Phanhgan yesterday.

We had booked a taxi from the hotel and late night we arrived in Hat Rin and after paying the 100 Baht entrance fee were pushed into the crowd which mainly wore fluorescent orange and green. I know it was night time, but there were plenty of lights and besides this was meant to be a ‘full moon’ party so what did they think they were going to be hit by? Now I know – people!

Everywhere we turned we saw people – well I use the term in a loose sense, obviously what I mean is 19-21 years old off their face clambering for any inch of space on any dance floor available. And there were plenty of wooden platforms erected all along the 1 km beach. If you ask me, the platforms looked a little bit of a hazard and I know Ann Meehan will certainly not approve of me dancing on these so I kept my feet firmly on the beach.

We picked up a couple more people who we bumped into and as a pack now walked like vigilantes trying to dodge the swayers, the jumpers, the vomiters and many others. The noise was awesome – there were a number of sound systems blaring out trance and people screaming. Reminded me of that great classic ‘Acid’ of the 80s, or was it the 90s?

As the beach filled up with more and more people, the tide started to come in, squeezing everyone into a narrow strip of the sandy beach and forcing many to stay in the water. This would have been fine on any other moonlit warm night like this except the entire shore was a neat long line of men peeing directly into the sea.

There were some great sights and though different music blared out of loud speakers every 5 meters, a couple of the DJs did play some good sounds. We had brought a bottle and a half of of rum with us which we shared around our group and merrily walked around til we all felt a little tired, a little old and decided raves are just no longer meant for us!


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