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High spirits!

Bangkok never ceases to surprise me. It is larger than I expected; even more crowded than London; more cosmopolitan than many of SE Asian major cities; and it has plenty of tall buildings!

In Vietnam a couple of months ago we met our friends Lisa and Jamie and travelled with them the length of Vietnam over a couple of weeks. They had a surprise for us – a voucher to visit the Skybar in Bangkok. They had been on a previous visit to Bangkok and liked it.

Couple of months down the road and now in Bangkok, we decided to visit it last night. We took a taxi from Sukhumvit where we are staying and headed to the Silom area where the bar is located. Skybar is in a multipurpose building with shops, a hotel and several bars and restaurants. We wanted to get a view of the sunset so we left at 5.45, though we should have guessed the traffic at this time would be a nightmare. Traffic in Bangkok
is actually always a nightmare! As it approached 6.30 we were feeling despondent that we may not get to see the sunset. However within 5 minutes, the taxi pulled up outside a most impressive building. You had to glue your head to the back of your neck to be able to see all the way up.

We made our way to the lifts which are divided into 5 lots for the various floors. Towards the end of the lot were the three lifts which take you up to the 64th floor – the highest floor and the one on which the Skybar is located.

Leaving the lift, a narrow corridor wound around until we were hit by the most amazing view – an unobstructed view of Bangkok. From here there was no boundary to the building, such was the illusion. But as you step outside, you take some steps down and see the bar right at the edge as though it was built on what previously would have been a helipad.

We were soon escorted to the bar and given the vouchers our friends had reserved. The cocktail menu was really impressive though we ordered in a haze as all around us was the cityscape which it was hard to take our eyes off.

At the sunset, a live jazz band came on and after ordering another round of cocktails, we were merrily chatting to the head barman (Alex Holzer) who calls himself a “mixologist’. Our cocktails had subtle infusions of various herbs, spices and fruits. He showed us how he makes cranberry infused vodka for ‘Cosmopolitans’ because fresh cranberries aren’t available in Bangkok. I tried a cocktail called ‘Fire’ infused with chillies. Each time Alex made a cocktail for us, he consulted on our tastes and hence mine was rather fiery!

Fabulous experience and will definitely recommend to others. Thanks L & J!

  1. June 24, 2011 at 22:32

    Was a great place and to see Bangkok at night was truly memorable – thank you Lisa and Jamie!

  2. Lisa T
    June 25, 2011 at 04:15

    Glad you both enjoyed it. The view is pretty spectacular – i love a good skyline view! And Bangkok is a fantastic city and I’ve enjoyed many great times there. I can imagine it being right up your street!!!
    Shelley – your card is on it’s way… Registered post.

    Lis and Jamie xxxx

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