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The cats and colours of Milos

From Sifnos we headed to Milos where after an hour of searching we found a lovely little converted garage of a studio owned by an Austrian lady who was very keen on inductions. She spent half an hour around the 15 ft square room to show us how the windows closed, the air-conditioned was turned off and

Feline friendly at our studio

the bathroom door opened. Having thanked her profusely on showing us how to operate every day objects, we settled in and even took a trip to the local supermarket to buy some provisions.

That evening Craig cooked a napolitana sauce with the juicy tomatoes, olive oil, capers and basil we had bought earlier and we sat down to a scrumptious meal. As our converted garage of a room didn’t have its own terrace, we threw open the doors and the window and claimed the little street outside as ours. With views to the port and little to no traffic, we created our own terrace taking out chairs and a small table. We talked to passers-by and even had a couple stop by for a glass of wine with us.

The Greek islands are overrun by cats. Unlike Asia where there were dozens of street dogs claiming rights on each corner, the Cyclades seems to be full of wild cats. Well fed cats as we found out when we saw a cat coming down from the steps above us and running down the street with a large fillet of sole in his mouth chased by all the neighbourhood cats. A few minutes later our landlady came shaking her head and lamenting the loss of her dinner.

The highlight of our stay was visiting the little fishing village called Klima, on the other side of the headland from the

Colourful fishing village of Klima

port. Klima is a row of fishing huts perching dangerously close to the rocky shoreline but charming in that the doors and windows are painted in bright primary colours. The place feels deserted and I am not sure how much in use it is for it’s original purpose, but when we visited there were hardly any other tourists and the sun shone brightly on the colours. It was magical!

Much of the Eastern side of the island is taken over by sulphur mines and the Western side has no paved roads. This makes just the central shores and inland parts accessible easily. We were able to see those parts in two days and though pretty in a rugged kind of way, we were ready to move on to another island.

Incidentally, being an active user of tripadvisor forums, especially whilst travelling, we both found some of the Milos destination experts very proud to the point of defensive about the island. That left a little bit of a sour taste in our mouths but onwards and to the next island of Naxos

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