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Paros – The end is nigh!

You can see the Paros from the port of Naxos and it seems only a swim away but the ferry takes 45 minutes. That includes closing the hatch of the ferry, going around the island and opening the hatch again. Because the main port of Paros is in fact on the other side of the island from what we can see from Naxos. Arriving in the port, we did the usual trick of finding a nice lady who was advertising private rooms with wifi and arrived at ‘Marisa Rooms’ – a pleasant building but with ageing interiors. The wi-fi was great but the air-conditioning, the bed and the view from the balcony (of an abandoned half finished house) wasn’t really doing it for us.

We looked at our trusted Tripadvisor and called in on Anna Platinou the next day. Her little hotel is behind the market street in a quiet area and surrounded by trees. She insisted on showing us three rooms before we settled into a lovely one in the front with the balcony overlooking the olive trees beyond the little street. We settled in and went out for the whole day to circumnavigate the island. It only took three hours and we stopped at a few beaches on the way. The water has decidedly started to get cooler!

Beyond the airport and on the south west corner of the island are some lovely beaches but all rocky so we decided not to swim there. Further along, the road curves and you can see Naxos across the waters. The eastern coast has golden sandy beaches and seemed to be popular with the tourists and we stopped at one called Golden Sands to have a look. The beach was quite small and narrow but with soft sand and the water was clear. The taverna by the side had three older men chatting and we took a quick look at the menu. Menu on the Greek islands doesn’t vary much and when you have seen one, you have seen all with few exceptions. The veal chop was at €22; the moussaka at €15 and a Greek Salad for €10. They were empty at the height of the lunch hour so we set off again.

We decided to go through the interior to return to the our room at the port. There are ancient marble mines and very little else. We came to a lovely looking village perched on top of a few hills called Lefkes where we decided to stop for lunch. A taverna hung precariously on top of the hill which also
featured the main square and we took a table by the ledge. As we ordered we had a couple of wasps hanging around us. After ordering we noticed more
and our waitress brought a brown burning powder in a bowl and left at our table which had wafts of smoke coming up from it. Apparently a deterrent. Below us was a slope with an orchard and that was probably the cause for this. Despite the burner, we still managed to get one or two wasps constantly badgering us which did take away from enjoying our meal. The moussaka at this place was the best we had anywhere.

On our last day, we scooted across to the other side of the island to a peninsula called Santa Maria. There is a lovely little beach with, surprise,surprise, beautiful transparent waters. Seeing the port of Naxos across the sea where we spent a happy week, we took a moment to reminisce back on our entire year hand then swum in the sea for good measure.

The next day we boarded a ferry heading to Athens.

Goodbye the Cyclades!

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