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Food in BA

El Desnivel - parilla in San Telmo

It’s a huge shame that I am not a big fan of steaks because beef and especially steaks rule in this city! Beef is cheaper than chicken, cheaper than a beer, cheaper than a can of coke, cheaper than pretty much everything. Craig had a massive steak and a litre of beer for lunch yesterday and it came to £4.50 whereas my chicken schnitzel was around £6! The restaurant was a little grotty but later I read it’s one of the best loved parillas in the city – Desnivel on San Telmo’s busy Defensa street.

My favourite meal in the last week has been at a lovely little French restaurant called A Nos Amours on Gorritti y Araoz bang in the centre of Palermo Soho. I had the dish of the day which was a beautifully poached fillet of line caught cod served with a leaf salad which was perfectly dressed. On the side I was served a gorgeous warm salad of beetroots and sweet potato – to die for! Simple, elegant, delicious and relatively inexpensive.

A Nos Amours - a French bistro in Palermo Soho

A Nos Amours is owned by Constantin, a French guy, who we were introduced to by our friend Alexis. In fact we eat there again in a couple of days – our Christmas dinner with Christiane, Clais and Alexis! I wonder what gastronomic yum yums we will be served for the festive meal!!

Unfortunately, I haven’t really enjoyed any other meal as much as A Nos Amours yet. The curry at Mumbai on Honduras street was quite good, if pricey, but with too many vegetables fighting for attention.

The dinner at Miranda was quite good, and all the others enjoyed it but I think I just got scared of the portion of food. I had a very large slab of pork surrounded with half a kilo of sweet potato. The pork was overcooked on the outside and slightly pink in the middle. Others had beef and lamb and there portions were also huge!

BA has a number of sushi restaurants which apparently serve great food. In the next few days I will try out some of the other cuisines in offer in BA!

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